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Gidjit Beacons


Gidjit Beacons allow you to launch apps, control smart home devices, and dozens of other actions fast and with minimal effort.

Simply associate actions to a Beacon based on a room or area of your house. When you you enter the broadcast range of the Beacon, the actions will then appear in the Gidjit app. 

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Supports all types of actions that are designed to simplify your life.


Control Smart Home Devices

Control individual devices, trigger scenes, even set scenes to auto-trigger when you enter the Beacon's range.

Gidjit currently supports HomeKit, Nest, and SmartThings compatible products.

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Create Reminders

Set useful reminders and receive a notification when you enter a room.


Launch Apps

Launch built-in iOS Apps, Apps associated with your Bluetooth and WiFi-connected devices, and other 3rd party apps directly from the Gidjit App.


Other Actions

Create Launcher for Contacts

Stream Podcast Episodes

Launch Music Playlist

Create Website/URL Launcher

& More

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Product Specs.

CR2477 Replaceable Battery

9-12 Month Battery Life

Adjustable Broadcast Range

Multi-User Friendly


Bluetooth 4.0

nRF51822 with ARM Core

Size: 50mm x 15mm

Weight: 26 grams

V2 Beacons coming soon.


We are currently developing an updated version (V2) which will provide increased accuracy, faster response time, better battery life, and more. Enter your email in the box below and we will let you know when they are available. (Target date is Summer 2018). 


Our V1 Beacons are currently out of stock.