Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What happens when you have two (or more) Gidjit Beacons within a close range of each other? Will both of the panels which list the assigned Smart Devices and other Apps be displayed in the Gidjit App.

A: Yes, if your phone is within range of more than one Gidjit Beacon, the panels relating to those Beacons will be displayed. However, your phone will display them in the order of your proximity to those Beacons. So if you are in the Living Room and have a Living Room Beacon and a second beacon in the Dining Room which happens to get detected by the phone, the Gidjit App will list both based on the proximity (Living Room panel then Dining Room panel). You can always physically move the Beacon to a different location of the Dining Room if you do not want the Gidjit App to detect both at the same time. Or adjust the broadcast range of one of the Beacons so that it is not detected.

Q: Is there a limit as to the number of Apps or Devices I can add to each Gidjit Beacon?

A: No, there is no limit as to how many can be added.

Q: Can I assign the same Smart Device (for example Living Room Light Bulb) to more than one Gidjit Beacon?

A: Yes.

Q: Do Gidjit Beacons pose a security threat to my phone? Do they store my data?

A: Not at all. Gidjit Beacons send 1-way communication thus do not receive any data from your smart phone. The Gidjit Beacons simply transmit a signal. Your Smart Phone will detect the Gidjit Beacon when in range which will then tell the Gidjit App what to display. 

 Q: Can’t I use voice commands to operate and launch my Smart Home products?

 A: Of course you can. The problem with voice command is that sometimes you are not in an environment conducive for voice operation (watching a movie). In addition, sometimes it can be difficult recalling the exact wording required to get a device or scene to activate. Simply put another way, sometimes you just don’t feel like talking.  

 Q: Do the Smart Devices themselves have to be within range of the Beacon signal.

 A: No. The Beacon signal will only be used by your Smart Phone to determine the Smart Devices and Apps to display. For example, you could have the Living Room lights from your house assigned to a Gidjit Beacon you have at your office.